Electric Gardens

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Electric Gardens
Genre Rock, Alternative rock, Punk rock, Indie rock, Dance
Dates August
Location(s) Kent, England
Years active 2006 - 2007

Electric Gardens, (Electric Gardens Festival), sometimes abbreviated to 'EGFestival', or 'EGFest', or sometimes simply 'EG', was a medium sized 'Boutique' Music Festival situated at Mount Ephraim,[1] Faversham in Kent. The event was held on a weekend in early August in 2006[2] and 2007.[3][4]

Electric Gardens 2008 was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. In February 2008 a key player in organising the event was taken to hospital with a life-threatening illness. With no foreseeable date as to when he would be allowed home, let alone back to work, the organisers were forced to cancel.

The Myspace Bus[edit]

An inactive bus was parked at the festival grounds, provided by Myspace, in which the artists and bands were available to meet. Free gifts and information are also available from here.

Line ups by year[edit]


Main Stage[edit]

Unspecified Stages[edit]


Main Stage[edit]

Second Stage[edit]

Myspace Stage[edit]

Club Class Dance Stage[edit]



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