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Elijah Shaw Escorting Naomi Campbell

Elijah Shaw is an American bodyguard, and owner of a security agency. Shaw's clientele has included Usher Raymond, Naomi Campbell, Chaka Khan, and Chris Rock.[1][2]

Shaw has often been seen in the company of his long-time client Usher Raymond appearing as himself in the singer's Confessions music video and being omnipresent in his documentary and public appearances. [3] [4]

In 2003 Shaw was contracted to handle the security services of rap star 50 Cent who had recently re-launched his career after being shot 9 times by unknown assailants

In 2006 Shaw launched a program called the ISC Safety Net described on the company's website as is an “initiative designed to help victims of domestic violence by providing Pro Bono security services to victims and shelters”.[5][6] The following year Shaw became a board member of the Women's Advocates domestic violence shelter.[7]


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