Elisa Kadigia Bove

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Elisa Kadigia Bove
Years active1960s–1980s

Elisa Kadigia Bove is an Italian actress.

Personal life[edit]

Kadigia Bove is of Italian-Somali descent.[1]

Bove is the mother of two boys, Malcolm and Massimiliano, both of whom were born in Sicily.[2]


Bove began her film career acting in commercials. She first gained renown during a television campaign for Atlantic, a popular 1970s TV-set brand. Daughter of an Italian soldier and a Somali woman. After attending the Piccolo Teatro directed by Strehler, she began a long career as an actress and vocalist, between theater, film and television. She interpreted many masterpieces by the Italian avant-garde composer Luigi Nono including A Floresta é Jovem e Cheja de Vida, Un volto del mare, Contrappunto dialettico alla mente, Y entonces Comprendió. She debuted as an actress in the first feature film directed by Valentino Orsini. She later starred in some B-Movies in the late Sixties and Eighties, while her last role was in a comedy directed by Cristina Comencini.

Bove later starred in a number of Italian feature films, particularly in the giallo horror genre. Of the latter, she appeared in the 1980 film Macabre by Lamberto Bava.[3]

Besides cinematic work, Bove is the president of the Associazione Donne Immigrate Africane (ADIA), a non-profit organization serving immigrant women in Italy.[4]


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