Elite League Knockout Cup

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Elite League Knockout Cup
Sport Speedway
Founded 1965
Competitors 9
Country United Kingdom
Most recent
Poole Pirates
Official website BSPA Website

The Elite League Knockout Cup is a speedway cup competition in the United Kingdom governed by the Speedway Control Bureau (SCB) in conjunction with the British Speedway Promoters' Association (BSPA). The teams from the top division of league racing, the Elite League, take part. Similar competitions were held for clubs in leagues that preceded the Elite League, including the British League Knockout Cup and the Premier League Knockout Cup.


This competition is run on the knockout principle; teams drawn together race home and away matches, with the aggregate score deciding the result. In the event of the aggregate score being level, the teams again race home and away.[1]


Year Winners Runners-up
Elite League Knockout Cup
1997 Eastbourne Eagles Poole Pirates
1998 Ipswich Witches Coventry Bees
1999 Peterborough Panthers Poole Pirates
2000 King's Lynn Stars Coventry Bees
2001 Peterborough Panthers Ipswich Witches
2002 Eastbourne Eagles Peterborough Panthers
2003 Poole Pirates Coventry Bees
2004 Poole Pirates Ipswich Witches
2005 Belle Vue Aces Eastbourne Eagles
2006 Coventry Bees Belle Vue Aces
2007 Coventry Bees Swindon Robins
2008 Eastbourne Eagles Poole Pirates
2009 Lakeside Hammers Coventry Bees
2010 Poole Pirates[2] Eastbourne Eagles
2011 Poole Pirates Belle Vue Aces

* The first leg of the final at Cradley was drawn, and the second leg at Oxford was cancelled due to bad weather. The official result was declared a draw and both teams shared the Knockout Cup that year.


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