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The Newark Falcons were an American soccer club based in Newark, New Jersey that was a member of the American Soccer League. The club was previously known as Elizabeth Falcons, based in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and for a season as Falcons-Warsaw. After the 1958–59 season, the club became simply Falcons S.C.[1][2] and became known as Falcons-Warsaw before the 1962–63 season.[3] After the 1963–64 season, the team became the Newark. The team disbanded during the 1966–67 season.

Year-by-year Elizabeth[edit]

Year Division League Reg. season Playoffs U.S. Open Cup
1954/55 N/A ASL 5th No playoff ?
1955/56 N/A ASL 1st(t) Lost in playoff ?
1956/57 N/A ASL 4th No playoff ?
1957/58 N/A ASL 6th No playoff ?
1958/59 N/A ASL 9th No playoff ?
1959/60 N/A ASL 9th No playoff ?
1960/61 N/A ASL 2nd No playoff ?
1961/62 N/A ASL 6th No playoff Quarterfinals
1962/63 N/A ASL 7th No playoff ?
1963/64 N/A ASL 8th No playoff ?

Year-by-year Newark[edit]

Year Division League Reg. Season Playoffs U.S. Open Cup
1964/65 N/A ASL 6th No playoff[4] ?
1965/66 N/A ASL 10th No playoff[5] ?
1966/67 2 ASL 5th, South Disbanded during season[6] N/A

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