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Full nameBrookhattan

Brookhattan was an American soccer club based in New York, New York that was a member of the professional American Soccer League (ASL).

In 1942 they won the Lewis Cup.[1]

In 1945 they won the treble; the ASL, National Challenge Cup and Lewis Cup.[2]

In 1948, coffee importer Eugene Diaz, previous owner of New York Galicia, bought the team.[3] In that year they finished second in the 1948 National Challenge Cup.

During the 1948-49 season, Pito Villanon led the ASL in scoring.[4]

In the 1949-50 season, Joe Gaetjens was the top scorer in the ASL.[5]

Pito Villanon led the ASL in scoring in 1952-53 and was also the ASL MVP.[4]

They finished runner-up in the ASL in 1954.[6]


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