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Elizabeth Sabine (born October 1923 in London – died December 7 2015 in Los Angeles) was a voice strengthening specialist, whose work to the field of voice was acknowledged when she became the recipient of the coveted Lifetime Achievement Award at the Los Angeles Music Awards in 2003.[1][2] The award celebrates her many years of dedication and commitment to the entertainment industry.


Sabine was raised in Australia and spent much of her early years in the field of entertainment. Her singing career also frequently saw her appear on Australian television in the In Melbourne Tonight Show.

In 1974, she moved to Los Angeles where she soon befriended Robert Mazzarella,[3] a local singing teacher and operatic tenor. She was intrigued by his approach to voice strengthening and began to adopt the technique. At the end of the 1970s, Elizabeth found she was able to refine the technique and successfully strengthen the voices of hard rock and heavy metal music vocalists who often sung with vigorous screams and yells. Her technique also enabled the singer to master their voice faster in comparison to the older methods available. Famous people like Axl Rose, singer of Guns_N'_Roses and front man Dave Mustaine, founding member of Megadeth have been tutored by Elizabeth who has also been named the Heavy Metal Grandma[4].

Lee Strasberg of the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute of Los Angeles, enlisted Elizabeth in 1981 to strengthen the voices of his acting and singing students[5] which she has done for many years.

In 2008, Christian Rock band Barren Cross returned to the music world with new vocalist Dean Kohn[6] who spent two years under Elizabeth Sabine.

Her website contains images of herself with a small sample of former students [7] including Cypress Hill's B-Real, Seinfeld's Cosmo Kramer, Keel vocalist Ron Keel, Australian music export Men at Work's Colin Hay and actor Christopher Reeve.


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