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Ellen Siminoff (born Milwaukee, Wisconsin) is an entrepreneur and investor. Siminoff was a founding executive and Senior Vice President of Yahoo, where she ran business development, corporate development, and the small business and entertainment business units between 1996 and 2002.[1]

Siminoff is currently Chief Executive Officer of Shmoop, an educational website.[2] She was former Chairman and former CEO of Efficient Frontier.[3] In her 4 years as CEO, Siminoff built Efficient Frontier into the largest buyer of search advertising keywords on Google [4] and one of the 25 most valuable privately held companies in Silicon Valley, at an estimated $275 million valuation, according to Silicon Alley Insider.[5] Efficient Frontier was sold to Adobe for over $400M in 2012.

In 2005, Forbes magazine named her one of their Masters of Information.[6]

Siminoff has been quoted in the New York Times as an Internet industry commentator.[7][8][9][10]

Siminoff obtained a BA in Economics from Princeton University and an MBA from Stanford University.[11]

Siminoff sits on the board of directors for:

and previously in:

She and her husband, David Siminoff, live in Los Altos Hills, California.


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