Elmbridge, Gloucester

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Elmbridge is a suburb of Gloucester about one mile from the city centre. It lies south of Longlevens and west of Barnwood. It is structured by roads off its main artery, Elmbridge Road, but also includes roads branching from the Barnwood and Armscroft roads.

Nine Elms Road in Elmbridge in January 2006

It has two schools: Elmbridge Primary School[1] and Sir Thomas Rich's School.[2] It also has a general practice surgery, several convenience stores, and three bus services which are run by Stagecoach West.[3] It is home to the Old Richians Rugby Club, a highly regarded sports team founded by old pupils of Sir Thomas Rich's Grammar School. Elmbridge has a local information website [4]

Elmbridge Court Roundabout cycleway under the roads.


Coordinates: 51°52′0″N 2°13′0″W / 51.86667°N 2.21667°W / 51.86667; -2.21667