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In Greek mythology, the name Emathion (Greek: Ἠμαθίων) refers to four individuals.

Ethiopian king[edit]

Emathion was king of Aethiopia, the son of Tithonus and Eos, and brother of Memnon. Heracles killed him.


Emathion was king of Samothrace, was the son of Zeus and Electra (one of the Pleiades), brother to Dardanus, Iasion, Eetion, and (rarely) Harmonia. He sent soldiers to join Dionysus in his Indian campaigns.[1]


Emathion was a Trojan prince, and the father of Atymnius and Diomedes, by the naiad Pegasis, daughter of the river god Granicus.[2]

Aethiopian courtier[edit]

Emathion was an aged member of Cepheus's court. He "feared the gods and stood for upright deeds". He was killed by Chromis during the fight between Phineus and Perseus.[3]