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Emil Petrovici (Romanian pronunciation: [eˈmil ˈpetrovit͡ʃʲ] (About this sound listen); 1899–1968) was a Romanian linguist, dialectologist and Slavist. He studied both Romanian and Serbian languages. His studies included Romanian phonology, and Romanian, Serbian, and other Slavic dialectology.

Petrovici, of Serb descent, was born in the village of Torak (former Begejci), at the time part of Austria-Hungary, now in northern Serbia.

From 1949 to 1954, Petrovici worked on literary and cultural problems of Transylvania and collaborated on several journals published in Cluj. He was honored with membership in several scientific academies and societies, and was honored with various titles such as "Om de știință emerit" ("Emeritus scientist") and "Premiul de stat" ("The State Prize").


Among his many books were:

  • Despre nazalitate în limba română (On nasalization in the Romanian language)
  • Graiul carașovenilor (Language of Krashovani)
  • Folclor din Valea Almajului (Folklore from the Almajului Valley, 1935)
  • Folclor de la moții din Scărișoara (Folklore of the Moţii of Scărişoara, 1939)
  • Note de folclor de la românii din Valea Mlavei (Notes on the folklore of the Romanians of the Mlava Valley, 1942)
  • Texte dialectale (Dialect Texts, Leipzig, 1943)
  • Co-author of Atlasul lingvistic român (Romanian Linguistic Atlas)


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