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Emil Zinner (23 August 1909, Brno – 8 July 1942, Majdanek) was a Jewish-Czech chess master.

He won an tournament at Králicky 1929; tied for 5-6th at Bilina 1930 (Heinz Foerder won);[1] tied for 8-10th at Brno 1931 (Salo Flohr won),[2] tied for 2nd-4th at Moravska Ostrava 1933 (Ernst Grünfeld won); tied for 4-6th at Bad Liebenwerda 1934 (Flohr won); tied for 5-7th at Luhačovice 1935 (Karel Opočenský won); tied for 2nd-3rd, behind Karl Gilg at Konstantinsbad 1935; took 15th at Poděbrady 1936 (Flohr won), and took 2nd, behind Paul Keres, at Prague 1937.[3]

Zinner played for Czechoslovakia in 3rd unofficial Chess Olympiad at Munich 1936, and won individual bronze medal at third board (+14 –5 =1) there. He also played in 7th Chess Olympiad at Stockholm 1937 at third board (+9 –4 =4).[4]

He died in the Nazi Majdanek concentration camp in 1942.[5]


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