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Bahnhof Emmerich Germany PM07.jpg
Emmerich railway station
Location Emmerich am Rhein, North Rhine-Westphalia
Coordinates 51°50′02″N 6°15′25″E / 51.83389°N 6.25694°E / 51.83389; 6.25694Coordinates: 51°50′02″N 6°15′25″E / 51.83389°N 6.25694°E / 51.83389; 6.25694
Line(s) Arnhem-Oberhausen railway
Platforms 4
Tracks 10

Emmerich is a railway station in Emmerich am Rhein, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

The Station[edit]

Emmerich station is the German railway station closest to the Dutch border on the Arnhem-Oberhausen railway. It is served by CityNightLine/EuroNight, RE and RB services operated by DB.

The station is largely used by freight and features both the Dutch and German voltages on most tracks. In the past all trains had to change from a Dutch to a German locomotive and vice versa at Emmerich, but now there are more Dual Voltage locomotives that can operate in many countries, so through running often happens now without stopping.

The ICE from Amsterdam to Cologne, Frankfurt/Main and Basel all pass through the station without stopping. However the CityNightLine services stop here, even though not all of them have to change locomotives.

With the introduction of ICE 3 trains in 2000 the service between the Netherlands and Emmerich stopped, as the CNL services can only be used by passengers boarding the train at Emmerich at night or leaving the train in the morning. From December 2005 Dutch train operator Syntus started a service at weekends 4x per day between Arnhem and Emmerich. The service was unsuccessful and ceased after just 6 months.

In early 2014 platforms 1 and 2 were modernised, including new paving and a shelter to wait in.

From December 2016 Abellio will operate the RB35 between Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Emmerich and Arnhem.

Train services[edit]

The station is served by the following service(s):[1]

  • Regional services RE 19 Arnhem - Emmerich - Wesel - Oberhausen - Duisburg - Düsseldorf
Preceding station   Abellio Rail   Following station
RE 19

Bus Services[edit]

A number of bus services are operated by NIAG and LOOK to the surrounding area. These are:

  • SB58 (Emmerich - Kleve - Kranenburg - Nijmegen (NL) )
  • 88 (Emmerich - Vrasselt - Praest - Rees)
  • 91 (Emmerich - 's-Heerenberg (NL) )
  • 92 (Emmerich - Speelberg)
  • 93 (Emmerich - Vrasselt - Praest)
  • 94 (Emmerich - Borghees - Elten)



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