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Emre Kızılkaya (6 July 1982, Istanbul) is a Turkish journalist based in Istanbul, currently working as the managing editor of digital content at the leading Turkish daily Hürriyet and as the Vice President of the National Committee at the Vienna-based International Press Institute.[1]

In 2017, Kızılkaya was awarded in Best Use of Video category by the International News Media Association for producing Turkey’s first VR news story,[2] and as Best Columnist by Turkish Journalists' Association for his articles on how digital transformation affects free speech.[3]

He also won Turkish Journalists' Association‘s Best Digital News Story prize in 2018 with a multimedia long-form story that analyzed the correlations between Google searches and Turkey’s official data, revealing hidden trends and public-interest actionable information on a wide range of issues including migrants, domestic violence, water pollution and terrorism.[4]

Kızılkaya has been extensively interviewed and quoted by the international media, including The New York Times,[5] The Guardian,[6] CNN,[7] BBC,[8] Reuters,[9] Agence France-Presse,[10] Associated Press,[11] Le Figaro,[12] Le Nouvel Observateur,[13] Corriere della Sera,[14] Deutsche Welle,[15] Süddeutsche Zeitung,[16] Asahi Shimbun,[17] South China Morning Post,[18] The Intercept,[19] Yedioth Ahronoth[20] and Al Jazeera.[21]

Throughout his career, Kızılkaya interviewed numerous international leaders including presidents, prime ministers and ministers in Turkey and around the world.

He is a regular contributor for Al-Monitor[22] and The Huffington Post.[23][24] His personal blog, The Istanbulian, is the first English-language blog of a Turkish journalist who works for a major newspaper.[25]

Kızılkaya has also been contributing to various magazines, including Hürriyet Tarih, a weekly Turkish magazine on popular history in which more than eighty of his articles were published.

Kızılkaya has a B.A degree in Political Science and International Relations from Istanbul University and an M.A degree in Journalism from Marmara University. His dissertation was about ideology, discourse and narrative in New Media.


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