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Alizée En Concert
Tour by Alizée
Alizée - En Concert - poster.jpg
Alizée En Concert Tour
Associated album Gormandises
Mes courants électriques
Start date 26 August 2003
End date 17 January 2004
No. of shows 42 in Europe
Alizée concert chronology

The En Concert Tour was the first concert tour of the French recording artist Alizée. It started at the famous Olympia music hall in Paris. The tour was generally well received although not all of the concerts sold out. The original plan had 43 dates but two of them got cancelled. Near the end of the tour, one extra concert date was added to bring the tour back to Paris, this time at the huge Zénith de Paris music hall. She also had one concert in both Switzerland and Belgium. With the two cancelled and one added date, the total number of concerts held was 42.

Background and development[edit]

Following the release of Mes Courants Électriques, Alizée went on a countrywide tour of France, along with a performance each in Belgium and Switzerland, during the second half of 2003. The tour started off with a performance on 26 August 2003 in Paris.[1][2] It concluded with her performance on the prestigious l'Olympia hall in Paris and eve of 17 January 2004 at the Le Zénith concert hall in the same city and had covered major cities including Lyon, Rouen, Lille, Grenoble and Dijon.[1] A live CD and DVD, titled Alizée En Concert, composed of selected performances from her tour, was launched a year later in the fall of 2004.[3] The audio CD contained tracks, taken from her two studio albums. The DVD featured video footage of the same performances as on the CD, along with bonus footage of her rehearsals.

Set list[edit]

  1. "Intralizée"
  2. "L'Alizé"
  3. "Hey! Amigo!"
  4. "Toc de mac"
  5. "J'en ai marre!"
  6. "Lui ou toi"
  7. "Gourmandises"
  8. "L'e-mail a des ailes"
  9. "Mon maquis"
  10. "J.B.G."
  11. "Moi... Lolita"
  12. "Amélie m'a dit"
  13. "Parler tout bas"
  14. "C'est trop tard"
  15. "Youpidou"
  16. "Tempête"
  17. "À contre-courant"
  18. "J'ai pas vingt ans"
  19. "Générique de fin"


Date City Country Venue Extra info
26 August 2003 Paris France Olympia Alizée's first full concert.
27 August 2003
30 August 2003
31 August 2003
2 September 2003
3 September 2003
4 September 2003
10 October 2003 Rouen Zénith de Rouen
11 October 2003 Lille Zénith de Lille
12 October 2003 Brussels Belgium Forest National
14 October 2003 Amnéville France Galaxie
17 October 2003 Limoges Palais des Sports de Beaublanc
18 October 2003 Pau Zénith de Pau
19 October 2003 Toulouse Zénith de Toulouse
21 October 2003 Marseille Le Dôme de Marseille
24 October 2003 Toulon Zénith Oméga de Toulon
25 October 2003 Nice Palais Nikaïa
26 October 2003 Montpellier Zénith Sud
11 November 2003 Geneva Switzerland Aréna Sang partly "I'm Not Twenty".[4]
14 November 2003 Caen France Zénith de Caen Sang partly "I'm Not Twenty".[4]
15 November 2003 Le Mans Antarès
16 November 2003 Orléans Zénith d'Orléans Sang partly "I'm Not Twenty".[4]
18 November 2003 Tours Grand Hall
21 November 2003 Saint-Étienne Palais des Spectacles
22 November 2003 Grenoble Summum Sang partly "I'm Not Twenty".[4]
23 November 2003 Lyon Halle Tony Garnier
25 November 2003 Albertville Halle Olympique
28 November 2003 Besançon Salle des Spectacles de Micropolis Sang partly "I'm Not Twenty".[4]
29 November 2003 Strasbourg Rhénus Sport Sang partly "I'm Not Twenty".[4]
30 November 2003 Mulhouse Parc des Expositions Sang partly "I'm Not Twenty".[4]
2 December 2003 Dijon Parc des Expositions
5 December 2003 Nancy (Maxéville) Zénith de Nancy
6 December 2003 Chalon-sur-Saône Parc des Expositions Sang partly "I'm Not Twenty".[4]
7 December 2003 Clermont-Ferrand Parc des Expositions
9 December 2003 Marsac-sur-l'Isle
Parc des Expositions du Périgord
12 December 2003 Langolvas (Morlaix) Parc des Expositions de Langolvas Sang partly "I'm Not Twenty".[4]
13 December 2003 Lanester (Lorient) Parc des Expositions de Lanester
14 December 2003 Le Havre Docks Océane Concert was cut short because
Alizée was ill.[5]
16 December 2003 La Rochelle Parc des Expositions Sang partly "I'm Not Twenty".[4]
19 December 2003 Beauvais Elispace
20 December 2003 Reims Parc des Expositions Alizée wore strange make-up
and colored contact lenses.[6]
Sang partly "I'm Not Twenty".[4]
17 January 2004 Paris Zénith de Paris Date added later.
Alizée's last full concert in France since the concerts in 2008/2009 were cancelled.

Cancelled Concerts[edit]

Date City Country Venue Extra info
12 September 2003[7] Liège Belgium - Announced but never on sale[citation needed]
10 January 2004[8] Cannes France La palestre Cancelled during tour[9]



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