Engineer (film)

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Directed by Gandhi Krishna
Produced by J. S. Ramachandra Rao
Written by Sujatha
Starring Arvind Swamy
Madhuri Dixit
Music by A. R. Rahman
Cinematography Jeeva
Release date
Language Tamil

Engineer is a shelved Tamil language film directed by Gandhi Krishna and written by Sujatha originally slated to be released in 1999.[1] The film was based on the true story of the Sardar Sarovar Dam project and was being made in Tamil with planned versions in Telugu and Hindi too. The film had featured Arvind Swamy and Madhuri Dixit in the leading roles, with music composed by A.R. Rahman and cinematography by Jeeva.

However, the film was shelved after 80 percent of shooting was completed. Despite reports in 2004 with a new look with a different cast and producer, this has proved to be untrue.


Further information: Narmada Bachao Andolan

The original film was based on a dam being built across a village.The story of the film is set in a village that faces the threat of perishing if the dam is constructed. The engineer (played by Arvind Swamy) undertakes the project for corporate interests. The wife of the engineer (Madhuri Dixit), fights against insensitive authorities that do not seem to be concerned with villagers' woes. She is left numb when she learns that her husband is also a part of the dam project.



The film was announced on 16 January 1997 with the films's shooting beginning a week later.[2] Initially the production team had offered the film to Madhuri, but she declined sue to the controversial aspects of the subject.[3] After the Supreme Court order on the Narmada dam project, Gandhi approached Madhuri with renewed interest and this time, the actress agreed to play the role with renewed interest. The costumes of the film were handled by fashion designer duo Anu-Aneez.[4] Graphics artist Venkjy had worked in the film to multiply crowds, clone characters and serve up a 3-D song sequence.[5]

The film ran in to financial trouble after 80% of the film's shoot had been shot and has since remained unreleased.[6] Director Shankar, mentor of Gandhi Krishna, attempted to revive the project through his production house but was unsuccessful in doing so.[7] The film became one of three Arvind Swamy projects which ran into financial troubles in the mid 1990s, with only Sasanam being belatedly released in 2006. The other venture, Azhagam Perumal's Mudhal Mudhalaaga had also featured music by A. R. Rahman and a leading Hindi actress Karisma Kapoor, like Engineer.[8]

In 2004 after the success of Gandhi Krishna's Chellamae, it was reported that the film was set to be revived with a new producer and a new cast led by Suriya in the lead role. However nothing has progressed since then.[9]