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The English-Speaking Union Moot, also known as, by virtue of a sponsorship arrangement with Essex Court Chambers, the ESU-Essex Court Chambers National Mooting Competition, or simply the ESU Moot, is the longest-running national mooting competition in the UK, involving teams of law students from universities across the country. The competition is run by the English-Speaking Union.


In addition to being the oldest mooting competition, the ESU moot is also the largest of its kind, accepting entries from universities across the legal jurisdictions of the UK. Originally, the ESU moot was known as the Observer Moot, and has been known by its current name since 2000. Legal Week currently acts as the competition's media partner.


The competition takes a knockout format, with 6 rounds, the last two of which take place on the same day. While the number of rounds require 64 participants, there is facility for more competitors than this, with special arrangements made to have pre-competition rounds to whittle the competitors down to 64.

Each round must be completed by a particular preset deadline, with one team being designated the host, and is thus responsible for securing a judge and organising facilities for the moot. All finalists and semi-finalists are presented with monetary prizes. In addition, the winners are awarded the Silver Mace, and the runner's up the Scarman Shield.

Previous winners[edit]

Year Winner
2017 Newcastle University
2016 Oxford Brookes University
2015 Oxford Brookes University
2014 Liverpool John Moores University
2013 University College London
2012 Oxford Brookes University
2011 University of Glasgow
2010 University of Oxford
2009 University of Manchester
2008 University of Hertfordshire
2007 Liverpool John Moores University
2006 Queen Mary, University of London
2005 City University, London
2004 University of Bristol
2003 University of Liverpool
2002 University of Southampton
2001 Middlesex University
2000 Kingston University
1999 University of Greenwich
1998 University of Aberdeen
1997 University of Cambridge
1996 University of Bristol
1995 University of Leicester
1994 University of Edinburgh
1993 King's College London
1992 University of Birmingham
1991 University of East Anglia
1990 Nottingham Trent Polytechnic
1989 King's College London
1988 University of East Anglia
1987 Essex Institute of Higher Education
1986 Polytechnic of Central London
1985 University of Lancaster
1984 University of Bristol
1983 University of Hull
1982 Polytechnic of Central London
1981 Queen Mary College
1980 Queen Mary College
1979 School of Oriental and African Studies
1978 Queen Mary College
1977 University of Leicester
1976 University of Leicester
1975 Mid Essex Technical College
1974 University of Leicester
1973 University of Leicester
1972 University College London


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