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EF English Live
Industry Internet
Founded 1996
Headquarters Switzerland
Parent EF Education First
Website englishlive.ef.com

EF English Live (formerly known as EF Englishtown) is an online English school offering E-learning for adults.[1] A division of EF Education First, EF English Live has worked with 1,200 companies and has 15 million users.[2]


EF English Live was founded in 1996 by Bill Fisher,[3] and is headquartered in Lucerne, Switzerland with a research and development center in Shanghai.


EF English Live was chosen as the Official Language Training Supplier to the Beijing 2008 Olympics[4] and the 16th Asian Games 2010.[5] EF English Live was chosen by the Ministry of Tourism in Brazil and Fundação Roberto Marinho to teach English to more than 80,000 people in the country for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.[6]

Awards and recognition[edit]

EF English Live won the following awards :

  • Interactive Media Award (IMA)[7]
  • Comenius-EduMedia-Award[8]
  • Human Resource Executive ®’s Top Training Product of the Year Award[9]
  • Distinction Winner – Mobile Apps and Websites, Education[10]
  • Learning Impact 2011 Gold Awards - Established Initiatives[11]
  • 2010 Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Technology Awards Bronze Medals - Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for Global Training & Compliance Training[12]
  • E-Learning Award Silver Winner of Best online or distance learning programme – Education[13]
  • Red Herring 100 Asia Top 100 Tech Startup[14]
  • W³ Awards Gold Winner of General Website Categories – Education[15]
  • 2010 WebAward Outstanding Achievement in Web Development[16]
  • Davey Awards 2010 Silver Winner[17]

Related Companies and Organizations[edit]

EF English Live is a part of EF Education First. Founded in 1965, EF is the world's largest private educational company, with a group of 15 subsidiaries and non-profit organizations centered on language learning, educational travel, cultural exchange, and academic programs.

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