Enigma (1982 film)

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Enigma FilmPoster.jpeg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Jeannot Szwarc
Produced by Ben Arbeid
André Pergament
Peter Shaw
Written by John Briley
Based on Enigma Sacrifice by Michael Barak
Starring Martin Sheen
Sam Neill
Brigitte Fossey
Music by Douglas Gamley
Marc Wilkinson
Cinematography Jean-Louis Picavet
Edited by Peter Culverwell
Peter Weatherley
Distributed by Columbia-EMI-Warner (UK)
Release date
Running time
122 minutes
Language English
Box office $893,967[1]

Enigma is a 1982 Anglo-American drama film directed by Jeannot Szwarc[2] and starring Martin Sheen, Sam Neill, Brigitte Fossey, and Kevin McNally. Based on Michael Barak's novel Enigma Sacrifice, the film centers on a CIA agent that tries to infiltrate Soviet intelligence in order to stop a murderous plot.


Alex Holbeck (Martin Sheen) is recruited as a CIA agent. He is sent to East Berlin on a mission to steal an Enigma code scrambler. This is part of an attempt to stop the Russian assassination of five Soviet dissidents which is planned for Christmas Day. What Alex doesn't know is that the CIA already has a code scrambler. By stealing the scrambler in Berlin, they are trying to convince the Russians that they don't have it.

On arrival in Berlin, Alex finds that the KGB knows he is there. Alex must use numerous disguises and escape from a number of capture attempts. He seeks shelter with his former lover, Karen (Brigitte Fossey) before moving on as this is too dangerous for her. Karen and a number of Alex's other old friends are arrested and tortured by the police in an attempt to gain information about Alex's whereabouts. As he gets more desperate, Alex enlists Karen's help again: she seduces Dimitri Vasilikov (Sam Neill), the KGB man in charge of the hunt for Alex, in order to obtain information. In the end Dimitri catches Alex and Karen and finds the scrambler hidden in an exhibition artifact. As he is in love with Karen, he lets them go, however, keeping the scrambler which was in fact not needed. On Christmas Day the assassination attempt is successfully thwarted.



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