Enrico Fermi High School

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Enrico Fermi High School
Fermi small2-2008.jpg
124 North Maple Street
Enfield, Connecticut 06082
United States
Coordinates 42°00′00″N 72°19′20″W / 42.0001°N 72.3222°W / 42.0001; -72.3222Coordinates: 42°00′00″N 72°19′20″W / 42.0001°N 72.3222°W / 42.0001; -72.3222
School type Public High School
Opened 1971-2016 (closed)
School district Enfield Public Schools
CEEB code 70179
Principal Paul Newton
Staff 15.2 (FTE) (as of 2005-06)[1]
Teaching staff 84.4 (FTE) (as of 2007-08)[2]
Grades 9-12
Number of students 1,156 (as of 2007-08)[2]
Student to teacher ratio 13.7 (as of 2007-08)[2]
Color(s) Black, White, and Columbia blue [3]             
Slogan Responsible Citizens - Lifelong Learners
Athletics conference Central Connecticut Conference[3]
Team name Falcons
Publication Falcon's Nest
Newspaper "Enrico's Inquirer"
Yearbook Traces
Enrico Fermi High School Main Entrance.jpg
Enrico Fermi High School

Enrico Fermi High School (defunct) was a high school located in Enfield, Connecticut, and closed when it consolidated with Enfield High School in 2016.


Enrico Fermi High School was established in 1971. It previously served the Enfield community along with Enfield High School as one of the town's two high schools.

Fermi High School Yearbooks have been archived online and are available at no cost.[4]

Consolidation with Enfield High School[edit]

In May 2010, it was voted that Enfield High School and Enrico Fermi High School would be undergoing a consolidation process as part of the restructuring and improvement plan of Enfield Public Schools.[5] In November 2012, a town-wide referendum to appropriate $103 million for additions and renovations to Enfield High School overwhelmingly passed by a 2:1 margin.[6] As a result of the consolidation Enrico Fermi High School is planned to close, resulting in yearly savings of $2 million, which would pay for bonding for the renovations and additions to Enfield High School. The State of Connecticut also will provide more than 70% reimbursement for construction to Enfield High School, as well. Students from Enrico Fermi will move into the expanded high school after construction is finished in 2016-2017, with an expected town-wide high school enrollment of 1,500 students.[7] Proposed use of the vacated building include moving the middle school to the Enrico Fermi location or renovating the building as a town library/community center. The Enrico Fermi name was used as the name of the new STEAM wing of the expanded and renovated Enfield High School. In 2016, Enrico Fermi High School closed, and its students attend Enfield High School.[8]


The school is named after Italian physicist Enrico Fermi.[9] A 41-acre (170,000 m2) site for the school was purchased in February 1968[10] and a ground-breaking ceremony took place on September 14, 1968.[11] The school opened for the 1971-72 school year with Mr. Anthony Torre as principal.[12]


The building was designed by Charles "Ted" Bellingrath[13] of Hartford firm Gibson von Dohlen and built by Fontaine Brothers of Springfield, MA.[14]

For several years the fields were off limits and sports teams were required to drive to different locations in order to practice as harmful chemicals were found in the soil. The fields were redone and improved.[15] "The Work" consists of remediation of approximately 41 acres of landscape area throughout the entire Fermi High School site. It is the intent of this project to cover the contaminated soil with new topsoil brought onto the site


The school offers a comprehensive college preparatory curriculum. Students may participate in Advanced Placement courses, University of Connecticut Early College Experience courses, and vocational education offered both at the school and Asnuntuck Community College.

The school also offers an exceptional music program. The "Marching Falcons" have won numerous awards and competitions. They have worked closely with Bill Holden, a well-known musical composer in New England, now based in Houston, TX.

Extracurricular activities[edit]

Student groups and activities at Enrico Fermi High School include art club, badminton club, bowling club, chess club, dance team, Lamplighters drama, DECA, FBLA, Future Teachers Club, LEO Club, Mathletes, Model United Nations, National Honor Society, peer mediation, Buzz Robotics, science club, video game club, ski club, a string ensemble, student council, Jazz Ensemble, and yearbook.

The school's athletic teams, known as the Fermi Falcons, compete in the Central Connecticut Conference. Teams are fielded in baseball, basketball, cheerleading, cross country, field hockey, football, golf, ice hockey, indoor track, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track and field, volleyball, and wrestling. The school has a cross-town rivalry with Enfield High School, playing a football game on Thanksgiving Day. In all other sports they compete as well, with each school having their favored teams. For example, Fermi’s wrestling team has historically beaten Enfield’s and Enfield High’s football team has not lost a football game to Fermi in many years.[16]

Senior Class Presidents[edit]

Fermi High School class presidents played an important role in the history of Fermi High School. Class presidents were tasked with organizing events such as the prom and class night; giving graduation speeches; and planning reunions.

2009 - Teddy Fournier

2008 - Tiffany Wopschall

2007 - Ashley Bousquet

2006 - Kristen Maylott

2005 - Jenna Hagist

2004 - Karen Palomba

2003 - Emily Hayden

2002 - David Kiner

2001 - Janette Polaski

2000 - Sorell Richard

1999 - Erin Clark

1998 - Ryan McKeen

1997 - Sarah Steverman

1996 - Mechilia Eng


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