Enrique Banchs

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Enrique Banchs.

Enrique Banchs (1888 – 1968) was an Argentine poet. He published all his work in the space of four years at the beginning of the 20th century, then lay dormant until his death. In his four works, Las barcas (1907), El libro de los elogios (1908), El cascabel del halcón (1909) and La urna (1911). Banchs cultivated an ephemeral, classicistic style drawing inspiration from the Siglo de Oro. His final work was composed in sonnets, a form which had already been almost completely abandoned by that time. Banchs published nothing during the final fifty years of his life, but he remained a part of the Argentine literary scene, and a member of the Argentine Academy of Letters. He was friend of Carlos Alberto Leumann.



  • 1907: Las barcas
  • 1908: El libro de los elogios
  • 1909: El cascabel del halcón
  • 1911: La urna


  • 1941: Discurso de recepeción en la Academia Argentina de Letras
  • 1943: Averiguaciones sobre la autoridad en el idioma