Graceville Oilers

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Graceville Oilers
(1936, 1947–1958)
Graceville, Florida
Previous Class D
Minor league affiliations
League Alabama–Florida League (1951–1958)
Previous leagues
Major league affiliations
Previous Cincinnati Reds (1957–1958)
Minor league titles
League titles 2 (1954, 1957)
Team data
Previous names
  • Graceville Oilers (1953–1958)
  • Graceville Boll Weevils (1952)
  • Enterprise Boll Weevils (1947–1952)
  • Enterprise Browns (1936)

The Graceville Oilers were a Minor League Baseball team that represented the city of Graceville, Florida. They played in the Alabama–Florida League from 1947–1958. They were based in Enterprise, Alabama and known as the Enterprise Boll Weevils until they moved to Graceville during the 1952 season.


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