Entre Ríos (band)

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Entre Ríos
Entre Ríos - Bellos Jueves, 7° Edición en el MNBA - October 2014.jpg
Entre Ríos performing in 2014 at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes
Background information
Origin Buenos Aires, Argentina
Genres Indietronica
Years active 2000 - present
Labels Elefant Records, Índice Virgen
Associated acts Tus Hermosos
Members Sebastián Carreras (synthesizers)
Gabriel Lucena (programming)
Rosario Ortega (vocals)
Romina Dangelo (drums)
Past members Isol (vocals)
Paula Meijide (vocals)

Entre Ríos is an Argentine indietronica band originally formed in Buenos Aires by Sebastián Carreras, Gabriel Lucena and Isol (Marisol Misenta) in 2000. They became popular when the song "Hoy no" was used in a Quilmes spot.

In 2005 Isol left the group the release of their album Onda. She was replaced by Paula Meijide, who was part of the band until 2006. In 2008, Rosario Ortega and Romina Dangelo joined Entre Ríos as the vocalist and drummer respectively.

They have performed many gigs around Spain and Latin America, and were a big influence for other groups such as Miranda! and Belanova.


  • Litoral, EP, 2000
  • Temporal, EP, 2001
  • Provincia, 2001
  • Idioma suave (trans. "Gentle Language"), 2002
  • Sal (trans. both "Salt" and "Come Out"), 2002
  • Completo, 2005
  • Onda (trans. "Wave"), 2005
  • Entre Ríos (trans. "Between Rivers"), 2008

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