Equestrian at the 1900 Summer Olympics

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at the Games of the II Olympiad
Venue 7th arrondissement of Paris
Dates 29 May
No. of events 5
Competitors 58[1] from 8 nations
1912 →

At the 1900 Summer Olympics, five equestrian events were contested. Three of these had been considered "Olympic" by the International Olympic Committee in the past. The IOC website currently has affirmed a total of 95 medal events, after accepting, as it appears, the recommendation of Olympic historian Bill Mallon for events that should be considered "Olympic".[2][3] These additional events include the other two equestrian events. It is not certain how many competitors there were, but it is likely that there were between 37 and 64.[4] Calculation of number of competitors is complicated by the fact that a rider might enter an event multiple times on different horses. Five nations competed in the Olympic jumping events, with three more (Germany, Spain, and Austria) in the other two competitions. There was a female rider, Elvira Guerra, who competed in the hacks and hunter combined event.

Medal table[edit]

Dominique Gardères, winner of the high jump competition
 Rank  Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  France (FRA) 2 2 4 8
2  Belgium (BEL) 3 1 1 5
3  Italy (ITA) 1 1 0 2

Medal summary[edit]

Constant van Langhendonck, winner of the long jump competition
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Jumping Aimé Haegeman
Georges Van Der Poele
Louis de Champsavin
High jump Dominique Gardères

Gian Giorgio Trissino

none awarded Georges Van Der Poele
Long jump Constant van Langhendonck
Gian Giorgio Trissino
Camille de La Forgue de Bellegarde
Hacks and hunter combined Louis Napoléon Murat
Robert de Montesquiou-Fézensac
Mail coach Georges Nagelmackers
Léon Thome
Jean de Neuflize (fr)

Participating nations[edit]

An estimated total of 60 riders from 6 nations (excluding riders known to have competed only in the non-jumping events) competed at the Paris Games:

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