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Eric Haseltine
Born October 11, 1951 (1951-10-11) (age 66)
Residence Virginia
Citizenship United States
Alma mater University of California Berkeley,
Indiana University

Eric Haseltine (born October 11, 1951 in Death Valley, CA) is a technologist who has worked in senior-executive positions in both industry and the United States intelligence community.


Haseltine received a bachelor of arts degree in economics and psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, and a PhD in physiological psychology from Indiana University. He also has a certificate in Executive Management from UCLA's Anderson School of Management. He accomplished post-doctoral work in brain research at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.


Haseltine spent 13 years at Hughes Aircraft, where he rose to the position of Director of Engineering. He then left for Walt Disney Imagineering in 1992, where he joined the research and development group, working on large-scale virtual-reality projects. In 1998, he was promoted to senior vice president responsible for all technology projects.[1] In 2000, he was made Executive Vice President. Haseltine was head of research and development for Walt Disney Imagineering[2] by the time he left in 2002 to join the National Security Agency as Director of Research. From 2005 to 2007, Haseltine was Associate Director for Science and Technology, Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI)—that organization's first—a position he described in a 2006 US News and World Report interview by stating: "You can think of me as the CTO [chief technology officer] of the intelligence community".

Haseltine is currently president and managing partner of Haseltine Partners, LLC. He also serves on the advisory board of TTI/Vanguard.

Personal life[edit]

Eric married Chris Gilbert MD PhD in April, 2017, a physician, author and speaker who is also first author on his new book.

His three siblings include William A. Haseltine, founder of the biotechnology firm Human Genome Sciences.


"Eric has 23 patents in optics, special effects and electronic media, and more than 150 publications in science and technical journals, the web, and Discover Magazine." [3]


Eric Haseltine is a writer with numerous articles in Psychology Today.

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