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Erika Giesen[1]
— Bodybuilder —
Personal info
Born Germany
Professional career
Pro-debut IFBB Ms. International[1], 1986[1]
Best win IFBB Ms. International champion[1], 1986[1]
Predecessor None[1]
Successor Cathey Palyo[1]
Active Retired 1988

Erika Giesen is a professional female bodybuilder from Australia.[1]

Bodybuilding career[edit]


1983 south pacific first place 1983 miss Asia first place 1984 Australian first place 1986 Australasia first place


Erika's greatest success was winning the first Ms. International contest in 1986.[1]


Erika runs now a cattle station with her husband in Queensland Australia


Erika was the first bodybuilder to win the Ms. International. She is currently the most successful Australian bodybuilder of all time.[1]

Contest history[edit]


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Ms. International
Preceded by:
First (1986) Succeeded by:
Cathey Palyo