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Earth, Natural force of Universe, Hunting
Member of Orisha
Other namesErinle
Venerated inYoruba religion, Umbanda, Candomble, Santeria, Haitian Vodou, Folk Catholicism
RegionNigeria, Benin, Latin America
Ethnic groupYoruba

In the Yoruba tradition, Erinlẹ was a great hunter who became an orisha. He is said to have conducted the first Olobu of Ilobu to the site of the town of Ilobu, and to have protected the people of the town from Fulani invasions.[1] He is usually described as a hunter but sometimes as a herbalist or a farmer. It is said that one day he sank into the earth near Ilobu and became a river. He is known all over Yorùbáland.[2] The cult of Erinle is found in towns throughout the former Oyo Empire. His shrines contain smooth, round stones from the Erinle River. [1] The name may be derived from erin (elephant) and ilẹ (earth), or from erin and ile (house).[2] known as Inle by the Lukumi in Cuba and as Ode Inle, sometimes Oxossi Ibualamo in Brazilian Candomble. The Erinle River, a tributary of the Oshun River, takes his name.

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