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Espargos Cabo Verde.jpg
Espargos is located in Cape Verde
Coordinates: 16°45′22″N 22°56′46″W / 16.756°N 22.946°W / 16.756; -22.946Coordinates: 16°45′22″N 22°56′46″W / 16.756°N 22.946°W / 16.756; -22.946
Country Cape Verde
Island Sal
Municipality Sal
Civil parish Nossa Senhora das Dores
Population (2010)[1]
 • Total 17,081

Espargos is the capital city of the island municipality of Sal, Cape Verde. Espargos means "asparagus" and refers to the wild vegetable asparagus stalk with its bright yellow flowers which grows in sandy areas around the island. It is situated in the heart of the island, close to the Amílcar Cabral International Airport. The head offices of Cabo Verde Express and Halcyonair are located at the airport.[2][3]

Historical population[edit]

Year Population
1990 (Census) 5,778
2000 (Census) 5,456
2010 (Census) 17,081


One of the streets of Espargos

In 1939 the Italian Government of Benito Mussolini was granted authorization by the Portuguese colonial government to begin construction on a transit airport to service its flights flying between Europe and South America. Very simple pre-fabricated installations were built. However, as a consequence of World War II the Italian involvement in the airport project ceased. In 1945 the Portuguese purchased the airport installation from the Italians and by 1949 the Ilha do Sal airport was a fully operational transit facility. The airport has been gradually improved ever since. Small houses were erected in several areas immediately adjacent to the airport. Workers from nearby Sao Nicolau named the civilian area "Preguiça" after the port village on their home island. Espargos is the city's official name. Today Espargos is the principal commercial and government center of Ilha do Sal.[4]


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