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Estera is a Bermuda provider of corporate, trust, fund and accounting services involved in the Paradise Papers leak and a subsidiary of the law firm Appleby.[1] The company was created following a management buyout of the fiduciary group of Appleby. It rebranded as Estera in April 2016.[2]

Gary O'Connor, the managing director of Estera Trust (Isle of Man) Limited, was shortlisted for the Institute of Directors Young Director of the Year award in September 2017.[3]


In December 2015, "Appleby Fiduciary Business (AFB)", a Bermuda registered company and a branch of the law firm Appleby, was separated out legally from Appleby (Bermuda) through a management buy out by the private equity firm "Bridgepoint".[4] In April 2016, it changed its name to "Estera", with a new Group managing Director Rory Gorman.[5] The company operates from the same office as Appleby Bermuda, at Canon's court, 22 Victoria street located in Bermuda's capital Hamilton.[6]

The name of the new company was chosen based on inputs from their staff.[7]

Subsequent Acquisitions[edit]

In 2017, Estera acquired Morgan Sharpe (in Guernsey), Heritage financial services group (in Belfast and Malta) and Headstart s.a.r.l (Luxembourg).[8]

As of August 2018, Estera operates through three legal entitites : Estera Services (Bermuda) Limited, Estera Management (Bermuda) Limited, Estera Securities (Bermuda) Limited.[9] The firm also has branches in Cayman islands and Guernsey under the Estera trust (Cayman).[10]

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