Etablissements René Neymann

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Société d'exploitation des Etablissements René Neymann
Société à responsabilité limitée
Industry Food industry
Founded 1850
Headquarters Wasselonne, France
Key people
Jean-Claude Neymann (General manager)
Products Unleavened bread, special bread, matzo
Number of employees
17 (end 2009)
(english version)

Etablissement René Neymann is a French company founded in 1850 that makes unleavened bread. It is the oldest company of unleavened bread operating in France.[1] The general manager is Jean-Claude Neymann, who represents the 5th generation of managers of this familial and artisanal[clarification needed] company.


Nameplate of Etablissements René Neymann factory

Etablissement René Neymann was founded in 1850 in Odratzheim by Salomon Neymann. In 1870, Salomon Neymann and his son, Benoit Neymann, moved to Wasselonne.[2] In 1930, the firm began to sell unleavened bread to the non-religious public. The production stopped during the Second World War, René Neymann restarted the company in 1948.[3]

Today, this company exports about 62% of its production.[4] It also produces some (between 20 and 30% of the production) organic goods.[citation needed]


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