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The original 2013 public domain clipart on which the collection is based
ReleaseDecember 2017

EtherRock also called EthRock is an early Ethereum based non-fungible token (NFT) project from 2017 that depicts various-colored rocks.[1] There are 100 EtherRocks.[2]


In December 2017, 100 EtherRocks were produced via a smart contract, using artwork taken from a clipart website,[2] and published on the Ethereum blockchain. Only 30 rocks were sold in the first three years of the project's existence.[3]

In the early weeks of August 2021, Gary Vaynerchuk tweeted about EtherRock and the price spiked so much that the $300,000 became the lowest available price for one of the NFTs.[2] Justin Sun has been reported to have bought an EtherRock for $500,000.[4][5]

In March 2022, a collector by the name of "Dino Dealer" claimed to have accidentally listed an EthRock for 444 WEI ($0.0012 USD) instead of 444 ETH ($1.2M USD), and said that it had been immediately sniped by a bot. The NFT was then relisted at $600,000.[6][7][8][9]


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