Etiquette (Something with Numbers album)

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Etiquette (Something with Numbers album).jpg
Studio album by Something with Numbers
Released September 20, 2004
Genre Punk, Rock, Soul
Label Below Par
Something with Numbers chronology
The Barnicles & Stripes EP
Perfect Distraction

Etiquette is the debut album by Australian punk rock band Something with Numbers. It was released in 2004, through Below Par Records.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Prelude"
  2. "Words Mean Nothing"
  3. "Against the Wind"
  4. "Listen"
  5. "Crowner of Kings"
  6. "I'm Sorry I'm Wrong"
  7. "On the Inside"
  8. "Take My Life"
  9. "Far from a Fairy Tale"
  10. "Where I Used to Breathe"
  11. "The Last Thing on My Mind"
  12. "Falling Out of Touch"