The Barnicles & Stripes EP

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The Barnicles & Stripes E.p.
Swn barnicles.jpg
EP by Something with Numbers
Released September 9, 2002
Genre Punk, Rock, Soul
Label Below Par
Something with Numbers chronology
The Barnicles & Stripes EP

The Barnicles & Stripes is the debut EP by Australian punk rock band Something with Numbers. It was released through Below Par Records in 2002. Its title is notable for being spelled incorrectly ('Barnicles' should be 'Barnacles').

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Denenenenenena"
  2. "We Can Succeed"
  3. "What I Believe"
  4. "Barnicles and Stripes"
  5. "Wednesday"
  6. "Perfect Match"