Eudontomyzon stankokaramani

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Drin brook lamprey
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Cephalaspidomorphi
Order: Petromyzontiformes
Family: Petromyzontidae
Genus: Eudontomyzon
Species: E. stankokaramani
Binomial name
Eudontomyzon stankokaramani
(M. S. Karaman (sr) 1974)
  • Eudontomyzon vladykovi stankokaramani (Karaman 1974)

The Drin brook lamprey (Eudontomyzon stankokaramani) is a species of lamprey found in the Drin river system of Europe, and in the Adriatic Sea.


HOLČÍK, Juraj & ŠORIĆ, Vitko. "Redescription of Eudontomyzon stankokaramani (Petromyzontes, Petromyzontidae) – a little known lamprey from the Drin River drainage, Adriatic Sea basin." Folia Zoologica – 53(4): 399–410 (2004)

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