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Eugen Gondi (b. 1947, in Timişoara) is a Romanian-born jazz drummer.

He graduated from the Arts Middle School in his hometown.

He started his musical career by playing with the "Paul Weiner Free Jazz" trio.[1]

He has played with many famous Romanian jazz players, like Marius Popp, Johnny Răducanu, Garbis Dedeian, Radu Goldiş, Pedro Negrescu, Dan Mândrilă, Jan Jankeje, Liviu Butoi. For a time, in 1974, he was the drummer of rock band Transsylvania Phoenix.

He is a former member of Mircea Florian's concept-band Ceata Melopoică.[2]

He participated at several jazz festivals, such as the ones in Ploieşti, Sibiu, San Sebastián, Warsaw, Přerov, and Ljubliana.[3]

After the Romanian Revolution of 1989, he emigrated to the Netherlands.[4]


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