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The Honorable
Eugene Michael Hyman
Superior Court of Santa Clara County
Assumed office
January 8, 1997
Personal details
Born (1950-05-14) May 14, 1950 (age 67)

Eugene Michael Hyman[1] (born May 14, 1950)[2] is an American retired judge.

Hyman served on the Superior Court of Santa Clara County for almost 20 years, and is a legal analyst.[3][4] He helped create and serves in the field of therapeutic jurisprudence, a philosophy and system that advocates treatment for particular categories of offenders, such as domestic violence, which is his specialty.[3][5] Hyman has presided over cases in the criminal, family, probate, civil, and delinquency divisions of the court. He is an opponent of the three-strikes law[6] and considered an "international expert on preventing juvenile, family, and domestic violence".[5] Hyman was elected and took his oath of office on January 8, 1997.[2] Hyman retired from the bench and was replaced by Shelyna V. Brown.

Hyman is the first American to receive the United Nations Public Service Award.[7] Hyman presided over the first family/juvenile violence court in the United States to focus exclusively on teenage victims and perpetrators.[8][9]

Early life, education and career[edit]

Eugene Michael Hyman received his Juris Doctor law degree from the Santa Clara University School of Law in 1977.[1] He is a former police officer and trial lawyer.[7]

Judicial career[edit]

1990 to present[edit]

In 1990, Hyman was appointed to the Santa Clara County Municipal Court.[1][7] He has appeared as a legal panelist to governmental, judicial, and other forums concerning domestic violence in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and other countries.[10] While in Canberra, Australia during May 2008, Hyman gave a PowerPoint presentation at Australia's Victim Support Act conference. He has published numerous articles on domestic violence.[11] One of his specialties is in the area of domestic violence cases that also include substance abuse and/or mental health. He also specializes in offenses involving sexual abuse, stalking, strangulation, and other unique circumstances that may co-occur with domestic violence.[12] Hyman is a proponent of Australia's Three Strikes law.[13]

In 1999, Santa Clara County established a unique court for teen domestic violence with Hyman as the presiding judge.[8][9] The court hears only cases "solely with teenage batterers and their victim."[8][9]

During February 2010, while making a ruling on the bench, Hyman made a comment regarding a boycott of Judge Andrea Bryan.[14][15][16] "I look to my colleague, who is now a subject of much public debate and in some quarters ridicule, and wonder whether or not I would have the courage to do what I thought was right."[14] In this case involving a murder suspect, Hyman found the individual factually innocent.[15][16]

Hyman retired in 2011 and was replaced by Shelyna V. Brown.[17]

Television analyst[edit]

Hyman has appeared on television[18] and radio shows as a legal analyst.[19][20] In 2009, he analyzed the potential domestic violence case concerning Chris Brown and Rihanna.[19][21][22] During December 2009, Hyman stated "A large percentage of [DCFS] cases that are investigated are never filed with a court; Such a scenario is particularly likely given the family's celebrity status" inre Charlie Sheen's domestic problems.[23][24][25]

In 2010, Hyman was interviewed concerning the death of Allison Myrick and commented on how the legal system fails abusive relationships.[20]

Legal conferences participation[edit]

In 2003, Hyman was a panelist on domestic violence the 30th annual Western Society of Criminology in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.[26]

During May 2010, Hyman was on the "Developing Therapeutic Judging Panel" representing problem-focused domestic violence courts in East Melbourne, Victoria.[27]

Academic relationship[edit]

Hyman is also a lecturer at the Santa Clara University School of Law, where he has taught a Domestic Violence Law Seminar. He has over 20 years of experience as a law instructor.[12]


  • "Judge Eugene M. Hyman named a Local Heroe" on YouTube (April, 2011). Cable Channel 30 airs stories of people who help to make positive changes in our community.[28]
  • The Santa Clara County Domestic Violence Council recognizes Honorable Eugene M. Hyman for his extraordinary commitment and leadership in the arenas of domestic violence and for his role as community leader and inspiration to others. October 15, 2010.[28]
  • "Alumni Achievement Award," University of Santa Clara, School of Law, 2003[28]
  • On June 23, 2008, Hyman, along with the Santa Clara County Superior Court was honored with the United Nations Public Service Award.[4][29] On the same day in the United States House of Representatives, Zoe Lofgren recognized Hyman for the United Nations award.[7]
  • In 2004, The Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara, announced that its Juvenile Domestic and Family Violence Court has been chosen as one of the "Top 50" programs in the 2004 Innovations in American Government Awards competition. Read the press release here.[28]
  • "Unsung Heroes" Award from the Victims Support Network, 2004.[28]
  • "Alumni Achievement Award," University of Santa Clara, School of Law, 2003[28]
  • Inductee, Matawan Regional High School Hall of Fame/Alumni. 2003[28]
  • In 2001, The Superior Court of California's Juvenile Domestic and Family Violence Court, headed by Judge Eugene M. Hyman, was honored by the California State Administrative office as a recipient of the Ralph N. Kleps Award for improvement in the administration of the courts.[28]
  • Director's Award, The Human Relations Commission and the Office of Human Relations of Santa Clara County, 2001[28]
  • Seventh Annual LACY (Legal Advocates for Children & Youth) Honors for the improvement of legal representation for minors, 2000.[28]
  • Patron, The Australian Institute of Public Safety, Melbourne, Australia[28]
  • Women's Fund "Man of the Year 1998." Recognized for efforts in domestic violence prevention.[28]


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