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Professor Eugenia Shi-Chia Chang is a Member of Parliament of the Inkatha Freedom Party in the National Assembly of the Republic of South Africa.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, she was the president of China Garments Manufacturing (now CGM Group), which opened the first Taiwan-owned plant in the South African homeland of Ciskei. CGM Group was, by about 2003, based in South Africa and operates several large apparel production plants in Lesotho and in Dimbaza, with Chang as senior executive. It appears that Chang is no longer the owner of CGM Group.

In 2004, Chang was the spokesperson on trade and industry for the Inkatha Freedom Party. In 2005, she declared to the Parliament remunerated employment outside Parliament at these employers, all in the manufacturing sector: United Clothing (Pty) Ltd, CGM Industrial (Pty) Ltd, and Presitex Enterprises (Pty) Ltd. She also declared a residential property of 200m² in Bisho.


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