Murder on the Eurasia Express

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Murder on the Eurasia Express
Developer(s) System Sacom
Publisher(s) Enix
Platform(s) PlayStation
  • JP: November 26, 1998
Genre(s) First-person,
Interactive movie,
Adventure game
Mode(s) Single player

Murder on the Eurasia Express (ユーラシアエクスプレス殺人事件 Yūrashia Ekusupuresu Satsujin Jiken?) is a 1998 Japanese-exclusive point-and-click interactive movie video game from the first-person perspective, developed by System Sacom and published by Enix (now Square Enix) for the Sony PlayStation.[1]


The game begins when a private detective is asked by a female private school to go as assistant to the school teacher that is going to take her students in a travel in the Eurasia Express. As soon as the train departs from Shanghai a murder happens and the detective decides to start a investigation in the train to solve the crime. He got only 2 hours to solve the crime and to do that he will have to investigate around the train and talk to the passengers and he can use too the help of the school students.


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