Eusignius of Antioch

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Saint Eusignius
Died362 (aged 109–110)
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church
Feast5 August

Eusignius was a martyred Roman soldier. He began his military career under the emperor Maximian.[1] Under the reign of Constantine he served as general and was witness to emperor's vision of a cross in the sky symbolizing victory.[1] Eusignius retired from the military after 60 years of service.[2]

Eusignius was present at the martyrdom of St. Basiliscus and is said to have seen angels and Jesus Christ who took Basiliscus up to heaven.[3]

He was beheaded by Julian the Apostate in 362 for denouncing paganism.[1]

Eusiginius is one of the 140 Colonnade saints which adorn St. Peter's Square.[3]


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