Everything I Want to Be

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Everything I Want to Be
Compilation album by Jack Lucien
Released 31 October 2011
Recorded 2008-2011
Genre Pop, Europop, rock
Label Unconditional
Producer Jack Lucien, Pep Sala
Jack Lucien chronology
Everything I Want to Be

Everything I Want to Be is a compilation album recorded by British singer/producer Jack Lucien.

Everything I Want to Be was initially meant to serve as Jack's third studio album, with its track-listing being published in July 2011. However, he stated on Twitter in September 2011 that instead, he was heading back to the studio and he would instead release a compilation album, featuring 5 new songs as well as old and never heard before material.

Album notes[edit]

"State of Mind" was released as a download single on 26 June 2011.[1] "Be With You" was originally promoted as a single to accompany the album, but nothing ever came of a proper release.

"Hook U Up" was recorded in 2009 to accompany Jack Lucien's first foray into TV presenting Matchmaker.[2] The single was released in 2010 and it is his first song since 2004's "Gone Before It Happens" to have a music video.

"Be With You" samples Boig per tu by Sau[3] and "You're Leaving Me" is an English language cover of Jeanette's Porque te vas, translated into English by Patsy Kensit and Elizabeth Hurley.[4]

Track listing[edit]

From iTunes.[5]

  1. State of Mind (album version) [4:26]
  2. The Snow [3:10]
  3. Be With You [3:53]
  4. Light Me Up [3:47]
  5. Best Day of My Life [3:25]
  6. Saturday [3:54]
  7. Je Suis Un Superstar [4:07]
  8. My Intervention [4:03]
  9. It's Unconditional (Eurosceptic version) [3:49]
  10. Somebody To Love (Live version of Sentiments) [3:44]
  11. Hook U Up [3:19]
  12. You're Leaving Me (English Version of Jeanette - Porque te vas) [3:12]
  13. Lo que soy (Spanish version of State of Mind) [3:30]

Original track listing[edit]

  • From TwitDoc.com[3]
  1. State of Mind (album version) [4:26]
  2. The Snow [3:04]
  3. Be With You [3:48]
  4. Light Me Up [3:41]
  5. I Had Your Boyfriend [4:20]
  6. I Want To Sing [3:04]
  7. She's a Dancer (with Amy Wyke) [4:04]
  8. Best Day of My Life [3:31]
  9. Matchmaker [3:36]
  10. You're Leaving Me (Porque te vas) [2:46]
  11. Hook U Up [3:12]
  12. Lo que soy [3:35]
  13. La neu [3:04]
  14. Freedom of Segismundo (live version) [3:15]
  15. Somebody to Love (live English version of Sentiments) [3:50]
  • It is unknown whether any of this track listing revealed in July 2011 will feature on any other record he should release.


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