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Evilution is a portmanteau of evil and evolution. It may refer to:


  • "Evilution", a song by Running Wild from the 1989 album Death or Glory
  • "Evilution", a song by Dio from the 1993 album Strange Highways
  • Evilution (album), a 1999 album by IllWill
  • Evilution, a 2002 T.O.Y. album.
  • "Evilution", a song from the 2012 Datsik album Vitamin D including musicians Infected Mushroom and Jonathan Davis of Korn.
  • "Evilution", a song by Dream Evil form the 2006 album United.
  • TNT: Evilution, a WAD made for Final Doom by TeamTNT
  • Zombie Evilution, an attraction at the Dreamworld theme park in Australia

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