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Compilation album
Released 1995
Genre Crossover thrash
Skate punk
Punk rock
Length 9:05
Label Maliciuos Vinyl
Excel chronology
Live in Philadelphia-PA
(1990) Live in Philadelphia-PA1990
(1995) Excel/Shrine1995
Seeking Refuge
(1995) Seeking Refuge1995
Shrine chronology
Create or Destroy
(1994) Create or Destroy1994
(1995) Excel/Shrine1995
(1995) Psycha1995

Excel/Shrine is a punk rock and Crossover thrash compilation album released by Malicious Vinyl. The track "Unenslaved", performed by Excel, was later included in the single Excel[1] and the album Seeking Refuge, and "Sadistic Love", performed by Shrine, in the album Psycha.[2] Malicious produced a music video for the two songs for both bands.[3][4]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Unenslaved" Dan Clements Shaun Ross, Brandon Rudley 5:24
2. "Sadistic Love" Kelly LeMieux Steven Hufsteter, Xan, Stephen Klong 3:41
Total length: 9:05


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