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Exeter Pound
Exeter Pound Logo 1.png
PluralExeter Pounds
 Freq. used£E1, £E5, £E10, £E20
Date of introduction1 September 2015
Date of withdrawal30 September 2018
User(s) United Kingdom
Central bankExeter Pound CIC

The Exeter Pound (£E) was a form of local complementary currency, or community currency launched in Exeter, UK on 1 September 2015.[1] Its objective was to ensure more money was spent with local and independent businesses. It was one of the many alternatives in the UK to the official sterling currency. It was dissolved on 30 September 2018.[2]


The Exeter Pound was a local and community currency that was designed to improve the local economy of Exeter.[3] It aimed to support independent local traders and enhance local economic activity. The scheme was run by the Exeter Pound Community Interest Company[4] and made a profit by setting an "expiry date" on each note, which was identified in very small print on the note itself, often overlooked at the point of exchange. This meant that many notes although paid for at the equivalent value in sterling could not actually be spent if not used by the specified deadline.

Previous to the Exeter Pound, local currencies were launched in the UK in Bristol (2012),[5] Totnes (2006),[6] Lewes (2008), Brixton (2009)[7] and Stroud (2010).


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