Experiment (1988 film)

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Directed by Yefim Gamburg
Written by Michail Gurevich,
Olgert Libkin
Music by P. Ovsyannikov
Cinematography Alexander Chekhov
Release date
1988 (1988)
Running time
7 minutes
Country Soviet Union
Language Russian

Eksperiment (Russian: Эксперимент, lit. Experiment) is a 1988 Soyuzmultfilm's satirical animated film about the bureaucrats directed by Yefim Gamburg and written by Michail Gurevich and Olgert Libkin.[1] It was created in traditional hand-drawn animation technique.


Experiment is set in a town, where the citizens were forced walk everywhere by foot because of constant traffic jams. To solve this situation, city officials decided to conduct an experiment: people were allowed to fly. Most citizens immediately grew wings and quickly moved to a new lifestyle, however, for some reason wings did not grow on few others. To find such wingless people a place for life, they decided to appoint flight supervisors and invented strict rules and regulations for the flights.


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