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Experimental Musical Instruments was a periodical edited and published by Bart Hopkin,[1] an instrument builder and writer about 20th century experimental music design and custom made instrument construction. Though no longer in print, back issues are still available. The material and approach of EMI can now be found electronically on their site hosted by Bart Hopkin. This site is, together with www.oddmusic.com the main source on the internet for experimental musical instrumentalism.[2][better source needed]

Although only old editions of the magazine are still available and no newer editions appear, the name is still in use as the publisher for many of the book written by Bart Hopkin and co-writers.


  • Experimental Musical Instruments, magazine, 70 issues appeared as a printed publication between 1985 and 1999, later on re-issued as well on CD-ROM



  • INSTUMENTARIUM HOPKINIS, Bart Hopkin Plays Invented Instruments, 2002
  • 21 WAYS OF LOOKING AT THINGS, Sound Instruments Designed by Bart Hopkin, 2007


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