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ExpressCache is a Windows-based SSD caching technology developed by Condusiv Technologies and licensed to a number of laptop manufacturers including Acer,[1] ASUS,[2] Samsung,[3][4] Sony,[5][6] Lenovo,[7][8] and Fujitsu.[9][10] ExpressCache is also bundled with some SanDisk products[11][12] such as ReadyCache;[13][14][15] SanDisk currently holds an exclusive ExpressCache license for stand-alone storage products.[10]

A test by PC Pro of the 2011-launched Samsung 700Z, which included an 8 GB SSD and a 7200 rpm hard drive, showed a reduction of five seconds in boot time with Windows 7, when ExpressCache was enabled.[16] Another vendor's demo at Computex 2011, involving a laptop also equipped with an 8 GB SDD, showed a boot-time reduction of about ten seconds.[11]

A test by CDRLabs of a stand-alone 32 GB SanDisk ReadyCache product, which was added to a quad-core desktop (Core i5-2400 CPU) equipped with a 7200 rpm hard drive, found a reduction in boot time from 25 down to 14 seconds, but found no significant improvements in random read/write tests.[15] Another similar test of a 32 GB ReadyCache product, conducted by HardOCP, found a reduction in boot time from 52 down to 13 seconds.[14] Yet another test by Expert Reviews found a boot time reduction from 48 down to 35 seconds.[17]

A criticism against ExpressCache in PC Pro was that it "isn't very configurable. You can't, for instance, install an application of your choosing there."[16] PC World France noted that the ExpressCache software bundled with ReadyCache has a limit of three computers on which it can be activated; their reviewer also expressed dismay at SanDisk's choice of using MLC flash on a caching product.[18]

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