Fårup Summer Park

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Fårup Summer Park
Farup Sommerland entrance.jpg
Park entrance
Location Fårup, Denmark
Opened 21 June 1975 (1975-06-21)

Fårup Summer Park (Danish: Fårup Sommerland) is a Danish theme park located in Jylland, in the north of the country. The park, as the name suggests, is open during the summer months and attracts about 650.000 people each season. It is one of Denmark´s biggest amusement parks and has the largest water park of any amusement park in the country. The park has currently 6 roller coasters and many other rides as well.


Opened on June 21, 1975 by the Kragelund family which had been in the wholesale business in Aalborg for 90 years when Anders Kragelund decided to sell and start a new business - an amusement park. He chose for the site of this venture North Jutland, a beautiful and popular holiday area in Denmark. The amusement park opened small with only a handful of children´s rides and attracted about 40.000 guests in its first operating season in 1975. Over the years the park has grown in popularity and been expanded in area as well, by 1983 many new rides had been added and about 350.000 people visited the park that year. In 1989 a water park was added (Djurs Sommerland) had added a water park in 1985). Since 2001 the park has added 5 new roller coasters to its slate, most recently in 2012 and there is a new coaster for the year 2013 to look forward to.

The majority of the rides in this park cater to every member of the family making this a very child-friendly amusement park. The park is nicely landscaped with plenty of trees everywhere and a lake separating the amusement park area from the water park. Even though some of the rides are themed the park itself is not divided into specifically themed areas. The Aqua Park is included in the admission price.

Roller Coasters[edit]

Ride Name Photo Type Year Opened Manufacturer Additional Information
Falken (The Falcon) Falken (The Falcon) Wooden sit down 2004 S&S Worldwide, built by Gerstlauer Reaches a speed 47 mph (75km) on a 2041 ft long track (622m) and a height of 66 ft (20m); height limit 1,1m. Train 2x15.
Flagermusen (The Bat) Flagermusen (The Bat) Steel sit down wild mouse 2001 Reverchon This wild mouse coaster reaches a speed of 29 mph (47km/h) on a 1378 ft long track (420m) and a height of 43 ft (13m); height limit 1,15m. Car 2+2.
Lynet (The Lightning) Lynet (The Lightning) LSM-launched steel sit down 2008 Gerstlauer This single car (2x3) coaster launches its riders to 50 mph (80km/h) in just 2 seconds on a 1772 ft long track (540m) and a height of 66 ft (20m) with 2 inversions; height limit 1,2m. Launch Coaster 540 model.
Mine Expressen Mine Expressen Steel sit down 1992 Vekoma Reaches a speed of 29 mph (46 km/h) on a 1099 ft long track (335m) and a height of 43 ft (13m); height age limit 5 years old. 335m junior coaster model.
Orkanen (The Hurricane) Steel Inverted / Suspended 2013 Vekoma Reaches a speed of 47 mph (76 km/h) on a 1486 ft long track and a height of 65 ft. Suspended Family Coaster. New for 2013 season.
Pindsvinet (The Hedgehog) Steel sit down 2012 Zamperla Family 80STD Gravity Coaster, new for 2012.

Water Rides[edit]

  • Farup Rafting - River Rapids ride that opened in 1998. This 6-passenger raft ride navigates a 470 m long course. Bear Rides.
  • Træstammerne (The Tree Trunks) - log flume ride that opened in 1991. A 230 m long Colorado-themed ride with 3 drops, the highest of which is 11 meters. Big Country Motioneering.

Other Rides[edit]

  • Crazy Golf - mini golf course.
  • Farup Boats - sail your own boat on the lake.
  • Farup Railway - a 1930´s style railroad.
  • 4D Cinema - shows a 4D film, the theater opened in 2006.
  • Forest Rush - spinner ride that opened in 2009; height limit 1,1m.
  • Rowing Boats - row your own boat on the lake.
  • Rævens Hule (The Fox Hole) - fun house that opened in 2010.
  • Wave Swinger - wave swinger ride by Moser.
  • Wet Racer - jet ski boats on the water that opened in 1990; age limit 16 years old.

Kiddie Rides[edit]

  • Air Trampolines - trampolines, opened in 1994.
  • Canoes - paddle your own canoe on the lake.
  • Children´s Tower - a 11m tall drop tower for kids that opened in 2005. Zierer.
  • Excavators - operate your own digger, opened in 1994.
  • Farup Racing Team - roundabout.
  • Forest Carousel - merry go round that opened in 2004. Zamperla.
  • Gold Digging - pan for gold.
  • Horses - ride the Icelandic horse.
  • Pedal Boats - pedal your own boat on the lake.
  • Pedal GoKarts - pedal karts that opened in 2002.
  • Play Ground - play area for the kids that opened in 2000.
  • The Red Baron - airplanes by Zamperla.
  • Safari Cars - on track safari cars.
  • Shooting - test your skill shooting, opened in 2001.
  • The Spider - challenge course that opened in 2002.
  • The Spinning Tree - rocking tug that opened in 2009. Zierer.
  • Teacups - spinning tea cups by Zierer.
  • Traffic School - kids can drive their own car, opened in 1990; height limit 1,1m max.
  • Trampolines - trampolines.
  • Treasure Hunt - challenge course that opened in 1996.
  • Volcano - climbing course that opened in 2002.

Water Park[edit]

Funnel ride in water park

The water park opened in 1989 and is included in the admission price.

  • Children´s Complex - water play area for kids that opened in 1989.
  • Surf Hill - body slide that opened in 1989.
  • Vandslagen - family rafting ride that opened in 2011.
  • Water Cycline - funnel ride that opened in 2007.
  • Water Slide - a 130 m long body slide that opened in 1989.
  • Wave Pool - a 1200 sq. m large wave pool that opened in 1993.
  • Wild River - 3 different tube rides that opened in 1989.


  • Diving Show - a daily diving show.
  • Squirrel and Hedgehog - children´s show.

In addition, the park hosts various special events throughout the summer season including motor cycle meet, vintage car show, open air music concerts and more.


  • Arcade Games
  • Test Your Skill Games

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