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F.O.D. (band) 2017.jpg
F.O.D. in 2017
Background information
OriginAntwerpen, Belgium
GenresPunk rock, skate punk
Years active2008–present
LabelsEffervescence Records, Bird Attack Radio Records, Bells On Records, Funtime Records, Thanks But No Thanks Records
Associated actsGreen Day, Bad Religion, Lagwagon, Ten Foot Pole, The Offspring, Frenzal Rhomb
MembersHans Roofthooft
Stijn de Waele
Pierre Janssens
Lode de Feyter

F.O.D. is a Belgian punk rock band known for its catchy melodies.[1] A reviewer on Disagreement.net, an established music e-zine from Luxembourg, writes that while F.O.D. doesn't reinvent punk rock, the band 'distinguishes itself from the competition because of the incredible vocal harmonies'.[2] Dutch independent record label Suburban Records refers to the band as a 'household name in the Belgian punk rock scene', with a 'great live reputation'.[3]

F.O.D. influences[edit]

The sound of F.O.D. is heavily influenced by the Fat Wreck Chords and Epitaph Records punk rock from the mid nineties (as portrayed in the documentary One Nine Nine Four), a musical genre sometimes referred to as skate punk. The Spanish alternative magazine Big Bombo describes F.O.D. as a band whose sound 'reminds the listener of early Green Day' and 'which is also clearly influenced by melodic punk rock bands like Lagwagon, Bad Religion and The Offspring'.[4]

F.O.D. publicity[edit]

F.O.D. was featured on the cover of RMP Magazine (Groezrock 2013 Edition, 2.000 copies printed, retail price €2,00).[5] Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad wrote an article about F.O.D., detailing how the band's debut album enabled their lifelong dream of playing shows in the province of Ontario (Canada) to come true.[6]

F.O.D. has a bio on (and has been frequently mentioned on) the popular punk website Dying Scene. Punk website Bearded Punk did a 15-minute video feature about the band.[7] Their albums have been reviewed by many magazines, webzines and online newspapers in various countries and multiple languages (Dutch,[8][9] French,[10][11] Spanish,[12][13] and English[14][15]). F.O.D. was featured in Episode 2 of a recent web TV series, called LARGE LIVE,[16] by the popular mailorder and merchandising store Large Popmerchandising (the Dutch version of Hot Topic).

F.O.D. shows[edit]

F.O.D. has toured various countries in Europe. They have played various big festivals like Groezrock (Belgium, 2013) and smaller festivals like Noeverrock[17] (Belgium, 2013) and Rock Over Halsteren[18] (the Netherlands, 2014). F.O.D. has also toured some cities in Canada[19] (Ontario, 2013).

In April 2015, F.O.D. toured Spain. In May 2015, the band played the biggest punk rock festival in Europe - Groezrock[20] - for the second time, with over 35.000 visitors from all over Europe.[21] In August 2015, F.O.D. played Punk Rock Holiday,[22] a big punk rock festival in Slovenia.

F.O.D. has shared the stage with many well known international punk rock bands: A Wilhelm Scream, Adrenalized, Antillectual, Cobra Skulls, Gameface, Implants, Local Resident Failure, Masked Intruder, Mike TV, Mute, MxPx, Not Available, Off With Their Heads (band), Restorations, River Jumpers, Skin Of Tears, SNFU, Strike Anywhere, Ten Foot Pole, The Menzingers, The Murderburgers, The Real Danger, Useless ID, Laura Stevenson.

F.O.D. has also played shows with many Belgian punk rock bands: Belgian Asociality, Gino's Eyeball, Janez Detd, The Octopussys, The Priceduifkes.

2017 kicks off: in a short period of time F.O.D. got confirmed to play mainstage at Groezrock,[23] KNRD-fest, Jera On Air and will support SUM 41 at the AB (Brussels)! The band also announces to tour Japan in April!

History of F.O.D.[edit]

Origins of F.O.D.[edit]

F.O.D. started in 2008 as a Green Day cover band. The Belgian music website Musiczine describes how the Antwerpen based formation started out 'with the goal of playing the album Dookie in its entirety'.[24] Their name is a reference to a song on the 1994 album Dookie, called F.O.D. (short for 'Fuck Off and Die...').

Dance To This (2011), Ontario (2013)[edit]

After 3 years of playing Green Day songs to various crowds in Belgium and Europe, F.O.D. started writing their own material. This resulted in the 2011 EP release 'Dance To This', followed by a 2013 album release 'Ontario'. Belgian newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen reports that 1.000 copies of 'Ontario' were pressed.[25]

Tricks Of The Trade (2014)[edit]

On 23 September 2014, F.O.D. released their second album, called Tricks Of The Trade.[26] It was released worldwide, on four different record labels: Thanks But No Thanks Records / Funtime Records (Belgium), Effervescence Records (Europe), Bird Attack Records (North America) and Bells On Records (Japan). To celebrate the release of the new album, F.O.D. fest was held on 11 October 2014,[27] featuring numerous national and international punk-rock bands.

Harvest (2017)[edit]

On 7 February 2017, F.O.D. released their third album Harvest. As before it was released worldwide, on same 4 record labels: Funtime Records (Belgium), Effervescence Records (Europe), Bird Attack Records (North America) and Bells On Records (Japan). 'Harvest', a darker album, written in the slipstream of a divorce. The melodies are still there, more soaring than ever, but the overall mood is a bit less happy, the music a bit more aggressive. Again the band releases the album at their own festival.

Punkrock 4 Life (2017)[edit]

On November 8th 2017, F.O.D. released a new single for charity: “Hope For A Moment” by F.O.D. & Friends. The song was released in the context of “Music For Life“, a yearly action for charity by Belgian national radio station Studio Brussel and in favor of ‘Wereld-Delen‘, which tries to improve the well-being of disadvantaged people. They recorded this one with people from Belgian Punk rock and metal scene like Dieter (Flatcat), Roos Van Acker, Tim Van Doorn, Hanne (For I Am), Jeroen (Fleddy Melculy) and Steven (Off The Cross). Extra track: 'Bakske Vol Met Stro' by Urbanus.

F.O.D. band members[edit]

F.O.D. consists of four members:

  • Hans Roofthooft (guitar, lead vocals)
  • Stijn de Waele (backing vocals)
  • Pierre Janssens (bass)
  • Lode de Feyter (drums)

F.O.D. discography[edit]

F.O.D. has released three full albums, an EP, and a 7":

  • Dance To This (EP, released on 2 December 2011)
  • Ontario (Album, released on 11 February 2013)
  • Something More (7", released on 6 February 2014)
  • Tricks Of The Trade (Album, released on 23 September 2014)
  • Harvest (Album, released on 7 February 2017)
  • Punkrock 4 Life (Single/EP, released on 8 November 2017)

F.O.D. videography[edit]

F.O.D. has produced various official videos for the songs on their albums:

  • Carry On[28] (published on 12 April 2012)
  • Ontario[29] (published on 26 May 2013)
  • Something More[30] (published on 6 February 2014)
  • Dear Grace[31] (published on 29 July 2014)
  • Soundtrack Of My Life[32] (published on 25 September 2014)
  • Crew you [33] (published on 3 November 2016)
  • Act of consecration [34] (published on 28 December 2016)
  • Last [35] (published on 23 January 2017)
  • Hope For A Moment [36] (published on 8 November 2017)


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