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The FA Cup

In English football, the FA Cup Final, the deciding match of the FA Cup competition, is considered the highest domestic honour for referees to be appointed to officiate.

The next final, in 2017, will be refereed by Anthony Taylor; he was assisted by Gary Beswick and Marc Perry, with Bobby Madley the fourth official and Adam Nunn the reserve assistant referee.[1]


Individuals may be appointed to referee an FA Cup Final only once, a rule that's been in practice since 1902, but they are allowed to have previously appeared as an assistant referee or fourth official.

David Elleray commented on his selection for the 1994 FA Cup Final:[2]

Referees and assistants are chosen by the Football Association for their impartiality and their assessed performance scores for previous seasons. Only one referee has ever been replaced under the impartiality rule; Mike Dean agreed to pull out following questions in the media about him being able to referee a Cup Final involving Liverpool as he is from the Wirral, a peninsula situated near the city. Alan Wiley took his place.[3]

Officials are informed of the appointment by the FA Referees' Secretary and sworn to secrecy until a public announcement can be made, usually the following day. There then follows a period of media attention resulting in interviews and features appearing in the national press.


When the Cup Final is held at Wembley Stadium, traditions include the "Eve of the Final" rally at a central London location, where the match officials are guests of honour at a meal provided for by the Referees' Association.[2] Many members of the Association including serving and past Cup Final referees also attend.

Speeches are made and the officials are presented with mementos of the occasion and invited to autograph their refereeing colleagues' Cup Final programmes. The referees usually sleep at White's Hotel, with FA protocol stating that they should not leave the grounds.

On the morning of the Cup Final, the officials take a pre-match walk through Hyde Park before travelling by limousine to Wembley.[2] Once there they are obliged once more to autograph Cup Final programmes and are invited to join any VIPs in the banqueting hall.


For the 2013-14 season the officials' fees for the Cup Final were: referee £375; assistant referees £375 each; fourth official £320 and a souvenir medal each, plus travelling expenses.[4]


Prior to 1915[edit]

Year Referee
1872 Alfred Stair
1873 Alfred Stair
1874 Alfred Stair
1875 Charles Alcock
1876 W.S. Rawson
1877 S. H. Wright
1878 Segar Bastard
1879 Charles Alcock
1880 Francis Marindin
1881 William Peirce Dix
1882 Charles Clegg
1883 Francis Marindin
1884 Francis Marindin
1885 Francis Marindin
1886 Francis Marindin
1887 Francis Marindin
1888 Francis Marindin
1889 Francis Marindin
1890 Francis Marindin
1891 Charles J. Hughes
1892 Charles Clegg
1893 Charles J. Hughes
1894 Charles J. Hughes
1895 John Lewis
1896 William Simpson
1897 John Lewis
1898 John Lewis
1899 Arthur Scragg
1900 Arthur Kingscott
1901 Arthur Kingscott
1902 Tom Kirkham
1903 John Adams
1904 A. J. Barker
1905 Pat Harrower
1906 Fred Kirkham
1907 Nat Whittaker
1908 T. P. Campbell
1909 Jim Mason
1910 John Ibbotson
1911 John Pearson
1912 J. R. Schumacher
1913 Arthur Adams
1914 Herbert Bamlett
1915 Harry Taylor

1920 to 1939[edit]

Year Referee
1920 Jack Howcroft
1921 S. Davies
1922 J. W. P. Fowler
1923 D. H. Asson
1924 Bill Russell
1925 Noel Watson
1926 I. Baker
1927 William Frederick Bunnell
1928 T. G. Bryan
1929 Arnold Josephs
1930 Tom Crew
1931 Harry Kingscott
1932 Percy Harper
1933 Eddie Wood
1934 Stanley Rous
1935 Bert Fogg
1936 Harry Nattrass
1937 Reg Rudd
1938 Arthur James Jewell
1939 Tommy Thompson

Post-World War II[edit]

Year Referee
1946 Ernest Smith
1947 Jim Wiltshire
1948 C. Jack Barrick
1949 Reg Mortimer
1950 Harry Pearce
1951 Bill Ling
1952 Arthur Ellis
1953 Sandy Griffiths
1954 Arthur Luty
1955 Reg Leafe
1956 Alf Bond
1957 Frank Coultas
1958 Jack Sherlock
1959 Jack Clough
1960 Kevin Howley
1961 Jack Kelly
1962 Jim Finney
1963 Ken Aston
1964 Arthur Holland
1965 Bill Clements
1966 Jack Taylor
1967 Ken Dagnall
1968 Leo Callaghan
1969 George McCabe
1970 Eric Jennings
1971 Norman Burtenshaw
1972 David Smith
1973 Ken Burns
1974 Gordon Kew
1975 Pat Partridge
1976 Clive Thomas
1977 Bob Matthewson
Year Referee Assistant referees Fourth official
1978 Derek Nippard J.Bent, J.Lydon W.Cleere
1979 Ron Challis Keith Hackett, H.Dempsey W.Harvey
1980 George Courtney Alan Robinson, J.Byles J.Cunningham
1981 Keith Hackett A.Jones, D.Hutchinson J.Penrose
1982 Clive White A.Hamil, T. Mitchell R.Guy
1983 Alf Grey Colin Downey, J.Pardoe J.Connock
1984 John Hunting A.Saunders, N.Butler V.Wood
1985 Peter Willis Terry Holbrook, D. Keen J.Harris
1986 Alan Robinson Robbie Hart, Allan Gunn C.Topliss
1987 Neil Midgley R. Nixon, J. Hodson D.James
1988 Brian Hill Mike Pierce, G Tyson David Redshaw
1989 Joe Worrall Mike Peck, Arthur Smith Jeff Winter
1990 Allan Gunn L. Watson, C. Reeve Roger Milford
1991 Roger Milford P. Brennan, P. Newton Keren Barratt
1992 Philip Don Rob Harris, John Hilditch Kelvin Morton
1993 Keren Barratt Roy Pearson, Brian Wigginton Roger Dilkes
1994 David Elleray Paul Rejer, Graham Barber Gerald Ashby
1995 Gerald Ashby Mark Warren, Steve Bennett Steve Lodge
1996 Dermot Gallagher Anthony Bates, Peter Walton Paul Durkin
1997 Steve Lodge David Crick, David Horlick Peter Jones
1998 Paul Durkin Bill Jordan, Phil Joslin Graham Barber
1999 Peter Jones David Babski, Philip Sharp Mike Riley

21st Century[edit]

Year Referee Assistant referees Fourth official Ref(s)
2000 Graham Poll Darren Drysdale, Graeme Atkins Alan Wiley
2001 Steve Dunn Mike Tingley, Kevin Pike Steve Bennett
2002 Mike Riley Glenn Turner, Ralph Bone Mark Halsey
2003 Graham Barber Nigel Miller, Keith Stroud Mike Dean
2004 Jeff Winter Roger East, Antony Green Matt Messias
2005 Rob Styles Jim Devine, Paul Canadine Neale Barry [5]
2006 Alan Wiley[6] Ceri Richards,[7] Darren Cann Phil Dowd [8]
2007 Steve Bennett Peter Kirkup, Dave Bryan Howard Webb [9]
2008 Mike Dean Martin Yerby, Trevor Massey Chris Foy [10]
2009 Howard Webb Dave Richardson, Mike Mullarkey Martin Atkinson [11]
Year Referee Assistant referees Fourth official Reserve assistant referee Ref(s)
2010 Chris Foy John Flynn, Shaun Procter-Green Andre Marriner Stuart Burt [12]
2011 Martin Atkinson Adam Watts, Simon Beck Lee Probert Jake Collin [13]
2012 Phil Dowd Stuart Burt, Andrew Garratt Mike Jones Simon Long [14]
2013 Andre Marriner Stephen Child, Simon Long Anthony Taylor Gary Beswick [15][16]
2014 Lee Probert Jake Collin, Mick McDonough Kevin Friend Simon Bennett [17]
2015 Jonathan Moss Darren England, Simon Bennet Craig Pawson Harry Lennard [18]
2016 Mark Clattenburg John Brooks, Andrew Halliday Neil Swarbrick Michael Salisbury [19]
2017 Anthony Taylor Gary Beswick, Marc Perry Bobby Madley Adam Nunn [20]

Referees with more than one final[edit]

Referee Number of Finals Years
Francis Marindin 9 1880, 1883, 1884, 1885, 1886, 1887, 1888, 1889, 1890
Alfred Stair 3 1872, 1873, 1874
Charles J. Hughes 3 1891, 1893, 1894
John Lewis 3 1895, 1897, 1898
Charles Alcock 2 1875, 1879
Charles Clegg 2 1882, 1892
Arthur Kingscott 2 1900, 1901


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