Lüneburger SK Hansa

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Lüneburger SK Hansa
Full name Lüneburger Sport-Klub
Hansa von 2008 e.V.
Founded 1 March 2008
Ground Heinrich-Langeloh-Platz, Bardowick
League Regionalliga Nord (IV)
2015–16 13th
Website Club home page

Lüneburger SK Hansa is a football club from the Lower Saxon Hanseatic town of Lüneburg in Northern Germany. The club was founded in spring 2008 as part of the planned merger of the football divisions of the two sports clubs Lüneburger SK and Lüneburger SV.


The former Oberliga team, Lüneburger SK, got into financial difficulties after its relegation from Regional League North (Regionalliga Nord) in 2001, which eventually led in 2002 to the initiation of insolvency proceedings. To resolve the club's debts its president, Manfred Harder, looked for suitable partners. After three months of negotiations he announced in early 2008 with the committee of the district league team, Lüneburger SV, the foundation of a new club, FC Hansa Lüneburg.

In the 2008–09 season the new club merged the football divisions of both clubs fully. FC Hansa Lüneburg took over the position held by Lüneburger SK in the Lower Saxony League (Niedersachsenliga) and its right to participate in the first major round of the 2008–09 German Football Association Cup, playing VfB Stuttgart (result 0:5). In the Lower Saxony League the club achieved 4th place in its first season.

The 1st team is now using the Heinrich-Langeloh-Platz (shared with TSV Bardowick) since 2014 after Wilschenbruch stadium was demolished following its sale to make way for new residential homes.[1]


Team manager, Christos Dovas, and the president of Lüneburger SK, Manfred Harder, chose the name of the newly founded football club, FC Hansa Lüneburg. The name was supposed to reflect Lüneburg's past as a member of the Hanseatic League – since 2007 Lüneburg has once again been officially recognised as a Hanseatic town. After the first critical comments about the club name were made,[2] especially its similarity to the name of F.C. Hansa Rostock, in February 2008 a local paper, Landeszeitung für die Lüneburger Heide, ran a poll in which over 700 readers took part. 59% voted against the name FC Hansa, 33% for and 8% had no view either way.[3]

On 1 July 2011 the club was officially renamed into Lüneburger SK Hansa.[4]


The club's honours:


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